“I like the different ways of moving and how it makes my body feel, e.g., sharp, flowing, strong, soft. I like the community we have created. I like that I don’t really feel like I am exercising, but feel stretched and exercised when it ends.” – S.B.

“My life is pretty much straight lines – home to work to home, errands, sitting a lot, being a serious, responsible citizen. Dancing together brings me much-appreciated curves, rhythms and company. It gets me out of my thinker and ensures that I pay attention to my body…and let it take the lead for a change. And the music is so great, and the dances feel so good to do – it’s FUN!” – D.G.

“Every time I attend I rediscover how important movement and dance are to me for processing my emotions and moving energy. I can be trying to learn some new mode of being in world…but when I dance with these ‘ideas’…I am often able to internalize them in a deeper way. While these moments of discovery and of deepening are healing for me personally, I also feel that they enable me to be a more effective agent for social change…” – R. K.

“It is a place to practice flowing with energy and change. By the end of the session I can count on having a feeling of balance and integration of various parts of myself. Generally any body aches or pains have disappeared, or at least lessened. It’s like hitting a reset button!” – M.W.

“I went to my first class and here I am, seven years later, still happily dancing. I felt like I’d come home to my body. I had always loved to dance years before in my college rock and roll days, but I had stopped having opportunities too dance, and had forgotten about it. But these classes with Dianne had elements of that kind of dancing, combined with a practice that was both physical and spiritual. We move from our core and consciously breathe in a certain way. This allows us to come into a different kind of awareness of our bodies. All the while, we are held, inspired and soothed by many different types of music.

“It’s the process that matters, not the moves. It is by turns aerobic and meditative, joyful and free. Dianne creates a safe space for us each to learn to move in our own ways, taking guidance from our bodies, rather than our minds. For me, these classes are a profound practice of meditation-in-action, as we learn to sink below the mind’s everyday activity into the terrain of our bodies.” – A.E.