Moving From Within

“Dancing can preserve your brainpower, improve your outlook, grow your social circle and protect your most important organs…even if you have no rhythm.”
~ Selene Yeager,, September 2012

movingfromwithin1Moving from Within is a fun, funky, soulful movement class in which participants experience the integration of body, mind, emotions and Spirit. Part choreographed movement, part structured improvisation and part ecstatic dance, the class is guided by feeling, sensation, imagery and self-discovery. Attention to inner rhythms, energy flow and emotional states enrich the movement experience, allowing dancers to explore and give physical expression to that which lies within.

movingfromwithin2Moving from Within offers participants a unique experience in a safe, non-judgmental and supportive environment. Born out of an eclectic study of dance, movement therapy and meditation practices, Moving from Within contains movement influences as diverse as modern dance, martial arts, Nia, African dance and Continuum Movement. It will get you to move, breathe, sweat, often laugh and release your tension to the ethers. You are accompanied on your movement journey by a rich tapestry of sound, including world-beat, funk, trip-hop, trance, sacred, classical, electronica and more…

Moving from Within is appropriate for all ages and fitness levels, with no previous dance or movement experience necessary. Start where you are and participate at your own pace, in every moment.

Moving from Within supports dancers in remembering the innate joy of movement they knew as children.

Class schedule:
Mondays, 4:45 pm · locations vary
Saturdays, 10 am · locations vary

Please note: Schedule is subject to change! Please contact Dianne before your first class to confirm class time and location.

Fee schedule:
$15 single class
$52 4-class package*
$69 6-class package*
$80 8-class package*

* There is an eight week expiration on all multiple class purchases

NEW STUDENT SPECIAL: First time, brand new students can try a class for only $5!