Gentle Movement from Within

GentleMovementGentle Movement from Within is a class for those desiring a slow, mindful movement experience. A colorful palette of sound, imagery and attention to breath is used to evoke the sense of the body as fluid, and to enter into flowing, liquid movement. Intention, awareness of energy flow and the guided use of sound vibration allows the movement that is uniquely appropriate for each individual to gently emerge, however subtle that movement may be.

The effects of this movement experience are profound. It increases vitality, nourishes connective tissues and develops core strength and flexibility. Joints are lubricated and habitual muscle contraction reduced. Perhaps the most powerful result, however, is psychological; decreased alienation from the body. This class leads to an authentic experience of the body as strong, supple and adaptable. This soulful, multi-sensory movement experience allows participants to befriend and enjoy ease in their bodies, perhaps for the first time in many years.

This class is designed for those with all variety of chronic conditions that limit one’s energy and/or movement capacity. It is also appropriate for post-injury care, and for anyone desiring a peaceful and nourishing movement experience.

“Classes are offered periodically; contact Dianne for information.